Provision of your Quality or Environmental Management System.


Assistance in gaining the required ISO certification.


Comprehensive assistance in gaining and maintaining the required ISO certification.

Welcome to Quality and Environmental Consultancy Ltd

We are a small independent consultancy company offering clients various cost effective options to ensure that the desired UKAS accredited ISO certification is achieved.

All consultants are fully qualified, IRCA certified and experienced in implementing the various ISO certifications, namely ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 27001 within a variety of industries.

Integrated Management System

The integrated management systems we provide are hosted online and updated by us free of charge. In addition, they include all of the inbuilt systems you would require to run a successfully compliant and efficient quality system (including Problem Reporting, Document Management, Certifications and Training). All of our systems are fully protected and hosted within managed data centre servers ensuring ultimate protection and minimal (if any) down time.

Upto Date Information

All of our consultants are fully aware of the pending changes to OHSAS 18001 / ISO 45001. (changes expected in Q4 of 2016) and can happily guide clients through the transition.

Dedicated Support

We offer our clients a fully tailored support service to guide you through the ISO certification process. This includes pre-assessment auditing, gap analysis, training of top level representatives, document review, attendance at the stage 1 and 2 part of your assessments and the chairing of your initial Management Review Meeting to ensure compliance. We also provide all of the required guidance, consultancy and supporting documentation in relation to the operation of the management system.

This gives you all the benefits of a full time Quality Manager but at less than 10% of the cost!


We only assist our clients in gaining a UKAS accredited certification, as without UKAS you may as well print the certificate yourself.

We have successfully designed, created and implemented various systems certified by:

Improved design of our state of the art Management Systems

Looks as well as increased functionality